You Are What You Write

You Are What You Write

We all are pretty aware that no two people can walk in similar way, eat in the same style and sit in the same way. Similarly, there are no two identical handwritings observed on this planet.

One’s handwriting is an externalisation of vibrant activity going on inside your mind. So, you write the way you think.

In 17th century, a renowned psychologist Camilo Baldo after observing handwriting authored a book titled — “How to judge a person based on handwriting sample.” Since then hundreds of his followers, other professional psychologists and medical professionals have continued to his work and the branch is named as “Graphology”

By using this effective branch of Graphology, one can analyze both strength and weaknesses through study of written alphabets.

For instance:

  1. When dot is found very far from the stem of i, then the writer lacks concentration and denotes poor memory skills.
  2. It i is replaced with o, and if the circle is small in size, it shows creativity.
  3.  And the dot circle is very big in size, it indicates laziness.
  4. It i has a line on it. If it tends to tilt towards right, this writer is getting irritated by the people surrounding him.
  5. And if the stroke above the stem leans towards left, the writer shows irritation towards himself.
  6. There are cases where there is nothing above the stem (No dot on it)
  7. If ‘g’ is written like number ‘8’, the writer has organizational abilities and excels in administration.
  8. If the loop is bound in the stem of “t”, this writer is sensitive to criticism
  9. If the‘t’ cross bar is found on right side of the stem, he is ill-tempered.
  10. When the last letter ‘g’ or ‘y’ is not extended upwards this writer constructing barriers between the present and the past. They waste valuable time on a bad incident happened in the past.
  11. When the letter ‘d’ is stopped on top, this writer likes adventures, music and variety.

So, handwriting should also be legible and beautiful.

Y.Mallikarjuna Rao
National Handwriting Academy

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