Seven Wonders of Writing

Seven Wonders of Writing

Observe the Coincidence! Letter ‘w’ stands for writing and wonder too. It’s no wonder that writing is a wonder.

As world has seven wonders, Writing too. If your handwriting is being appreciated by other, it means you are observing all the essential factors of standard writing.
1. You are holding your writing instrument with three fingers following proper TRIPOD GRASP.
2. All the letters are legible.
3. The connections are exactly maintained.
4. The middle, upper and lower zones of the lower case letters is properly maintained.
5. Spaces among the letters, words and sentences are exactly applied.
6. The letters are properly slanted in 60* angle.
7. All the middle and upper zone letters are maintained perfectly on the baseline.

If your handwriting is not up to the mark, it can be easily cross checked or rectified with the above mentioned factors.

Let us work on the fundamental factors of handwriting.

Poor/ Bad Postures: It is quite common that most of the students, though they are good at all the lettering, joining the letters, zones ete., Only because of poor postures they spoil the legibility of handwriting. It is highly recommended to hold the writing instrument with three fingers – Thumb, Index and middle fingers. And place the middle finger always below the writing instrument. Thumb and Index fingers from either side of the instrument, without overlapping each other.

The lettering: Never let your letters look like some other letter. Especially with n looking like h, r like s, a like u, b like f, e like c, ete., Correct them separately and create words with these letters.

Handwriting text 1

Connect them right: Illegible connections are to be checked on priority basis. Just because people don’t connect the letters to each other, elders oppose cursive style.

Handwriting text 2
It is also highly recommended to maintain proper zones – middle, upper and lower zone letter. One should maintain middle and upper zone letter in 1:2 ratio. Similarly, middle and lover zone letters one also to be maintained in 1:2 ratios

Handwriting text 3

‘Spacing’ is one the key areas of meat presentation. Especially among the letters of a word. Always make sure that medium and uniform spacing is maintained among all the letters of a word.

Handwriting text 4

Maintain right slant (60*) uniformly to all the letters of the text.

Handwriting text 5

All the middle and upper zone letters are to be maintained perfectly on the “BASELINE”. Only because the letters are slightly below the baseline or above it, entire beasty of the writing is spoiled.

Handwriting text 6


Y.Mallikarjuna Rao,
Director, National Handwriting Academy.

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