Mantra for success and happiness

Mantra for success and happiness

World is common to all, we usually get what we think.

Have you seen people around you who are sulking, angry, complaining and sad all the time?  Nobody likes to be around suchpeople as it is considered repulsive and most of us tend to avoid them.

It’s not always easy to be positive in life, especially in times like these, where we live. The world is moving at a very fast pace and there is a lot of change happening every day.

A few decades ago there was very little stress as compared to today, because there were very few changes, advancements and distractions then. The world has become more virtual, fashionable, modern, global and artificial; there is a new adaptability crisis arising as this shift happens. This creates a pressure on the human mind that leads to various kinds of stresses, anxiety, anger, behavioral and attitudinal issues.

Nobody understands anybody, as we are all struggling to adjust with this quick paced changing world.

One of the side effects of this change is that, most children today find it difficult to adjust with their parents and evenparents don’t tend to understand children.

This has also become a big barrier in teacher-student relationship. This confusion is one of the prime reasons of many stress related diseases today.

There has been an acute rise in recent times, in the rate of broken relationships, divorces, suicides, modern disease, early death, accidents, anger, impatience, crime rate and students dropping out of school. Most of these challenges can be sorted out easily if we focus on a few basic principles.

It is very important to keep oneself positive. With so many reasons to worry, being positive is contagious and it impacts people around us spreading positivity. Similarly, negative people spread negativity.

Imagine you are wearing a yellow pair of sunglasses, how would the world seem? Wouldn’t it look all yellow? Similarly,

the world becomes red and green if you wear sunglasses of these colors. Read More

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