Few Students are fluent in English, majority can’t Just Speak anything in English, and whereas everyone is reasonably good at English grammar. This Situation is not just in one school or in one college. This is the problem in every non-native English Speaking country like India: With this, it must be understood that something important is missing in our learning of English. And that important thing which is missing is speaking. But not much serious attention has been paid towards this at any level in our education system.

We all know that English is a borrowed language from English speaking countries, initially From England who ruled us for more than two centuries. English education in India was introduced by English government on the same model they were following that time in their country Since then, we have been following their materials and methods which will not meet our needs, because English is a foreign language to us, and for them it is the mother tongue. Children in English speaking countries learn speaking English at their homes, whereas our children do not have that opportunity. Therefore, our children definitely need different materials and methods for learning English.

Normally, languages are learned from surroundings. Because we don’t have English speaking environment at our homes, our children are missing the natural advantage to learn English. The next opportunity is to learn in schools Most of the students are not successful in learning English in their school education for various reasons. One of the important reasons is Lack of English speaking environment in the schools. If the students fail to become fluent in English during their schooling, they have to suffer a lot later therefore, a little more attention should be paid to learn English during schooling.
It is important to know that English can’t be studied like science or social. English has to be studied for the purpose of acquiring communication skills. This way, learning of English is similar to learning of swimming or cycling which means both mind and body.(speech organs) should work in co-ordination for learning English  if you are confined to learning of vocabulary and grammar, you can never become fluent in English. Speaking is an essential activity in the process of learning a language, and English is not an exception in this regard.

Rules of English learning

1.Don’t focus too much on grammar.
2.Study and learn real-life
expressions and repeat regularly.
3.Immerse yourself into English speaking through MSC (Mind talk, self talk and cross talk)

The rule “Don’t focus too much on grammar” may look ridiculous, but this is a fact. The reason is that no language in the world is learned through grammar. English too can’t be learned through grammar. This fact is not properly understood in non-native English speaking countries. Therefore, we are still struggling to learn English through grammar.

Any language in the world is learned naturally with real life expressions. In the process, the important thing is speaking. Only when you speak the expressions, you remember them easily and you can recollect effortlessly to speak English naturally by speaking, you will also learn vocabulary and grammar without learning them.

The very important thing to become fluent in English is getting immersed into English speaking practice. This requires to be done in three stages i.e. Mind talk, self talk and cross talk.

Mind talk is repeating the real-life English expressions in the mind or thinking in English about real-life situations. Self talk is speaking self practice. With self talk, your mind and body are connected which is important for fluency. Speaking a language is a neuromuscular skill. The more you do self-talk the more better you can speak in real life. Cross-talk is the result of the first two steps i.e. Mind-talk and self-talk.

When you speak well in a few situations, you will get rid of fear and become confident. Over practice, English speaking becomes a habit. At this stage if you learn grammar, it will not affect your fluency because by then you know where to fix it in your fluency development.

Wish you good luck for your speaking practice.

Hyderabad English club.


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