• Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel0

    Date of Birth : October 31, 1875 Birth Place : Nadiad town, Gujarat Early Life spent in : Karamsad, Petlad and Nadiad. Parents : Father Jhaverbhai, a farmer, and mother LaadBai, a simple lady Wife : Jhaberaba, who passed away at a very early age Children : Daughter Maniben (Born in 1904); Son Dahyabhai (Born in 1905) Death: December 15, 1950 Vallabhbhai

  • Saluting Iron Lady of Manipur

    Saluting Iron Lady of Manipur0

    Mahatma Gandhi resorted to Sathyagrah to protect the rights of Indians in South Africa and later during freedom movement to awaken masses against colonial rule. After India gained Independence, the spirit of Sathyagrah motivated a single woman to express her resentment against the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act in north eastern India. The 16-year

  • The man who cleaned 160-km river

    The man who cleaned 160-km river0

    Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal is popularly known as “Eco-Baba” in India and abroad for his various achievements in conserving the environment. His most significant environmental achievement is a rejuvenation of Guru Nanak’s historic river Kali Bein, the 160-km long tributary of Beas, flowing through Punjab. How did he do it? Sant Seechewal gathered a large

  • Alluri Sita Rama Raju

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    The Indian postal department issued a commemorative stamp on Alluri Sitarama Raju in the series ‘India’s
    struggle for freedom’ in 1986. A movie was made on his life – Alluri Sitarama Raju in Telugu. Well known actor Krishna starred as Raju and V Rama Chandra Rao directed the film.

  • Rabindranath  Tagore

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    Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali poet, novelist and painter best known for being the first non-European to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.

  • Sarojini Naidu

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    Sarojini Naidu was truly one of the gems of the 20th century India. She was known by the sobriquet, “The Nightingale of India”. Her contribution was not confined to the fields of politics only but she was also a renowned poet.