• What is Communication

    What is Communication0

    The word communication comes from the Latin ‘communicare’ meaning “to share or transmit, “It is one of the easiest word but difficult to explain or even express, years of research found it’s an art of conveying message effectively by taking positive feedback. Broadly speaking there are three types of Communications, Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written, above

  • Battle Against  Negative Thoughts

    Battle Against Negative Thoughts0

    All my life I have been battling negative thoughts. I’m sure you are also facing the same. When I
    come cross with one-to-one session with my trainees, I find most of them are struggling in their
    life, no matter where they are from or what’s their financial background is. Every one of us is getting
    attracted towards negative energy. Indeed we are becoming more and more negative in our life.

  • Attitude is Everything

    Attitude is Everything0

    When I say attitude is everything. Yes it is. It’s like a beautiful dazzling dress. If you wear it well you will look beautiful and you will feel beautiful. A major part of your life concerns your attitudes toward yourself and others and  how you feel as a result of those attitudes. Right attitude can

  • Mantra for success and happiness

    Mantra for success and happiness0

    Life is like a sea of possibilities. Some takes out pearls and some find fishes, but a majority comes out of this sea with only wet legs.

  • How thinking affects low self-esteem

    How thinking affects low self-esteem0

    When you have low self-esteem, you tend to question your ability most of the time. Most people around seem to be doing better than you

  • Finding Your Strengths

    Finding Your Strengths0

    – HOW TO START?   Everyone wants to know what their strengths are – what they are good at, what situations they can pull off well and what helps them cope better with life. ‘Strengths’ of every person are unique. Even if two people have the same strength, for example, good communication skills, the way