• You Are What You Write

    You Are What You Write0

    We all are pretty aware that no two people can walk in similar way, eat in the same style and sit in the same way. Similarly, there are no two identical handwritings observed on this planet. One’s handwriting is an externalisation of vibrant activity going on inside your mind. So, you write the way you

  • Seven Wonders of Writing

    Seven Wonders of Writing0

    Observe the Coincidence! Letter ‘w’ stands for writing and wonder too. It’s no wonder that writing is a wonder. As world has seven wonders, Writing too. If your handwriting is being appreciated by other, it means you are observing all the essential factors of standard writing. 1. You are holding your writing instrument with three

  • Baseline Factor

    Baseline Factor0

    Driving a vehicle, swimming, tracking….. and any skill can be enhanced only with three things. 1 Techniques, 2. Interest and 3.Practice. Handwriting is no exception to that. Following are the techniques which play a vital role in improving handwriting skills. Proper positions Standard letters Exact connections Technical spacing Meaningful spacing Uniform right slant and Perfect

  • Slant Right, to Write Right

    Slant Right, to Write Right0

    Calligraphy – an art of producing beautiful handwriting and Graphology – the science of handwriting analysis both strongly recommends the “Right slant”. According to Graphology, the one who writes with right slant is a sympathetic person. He or she is also analysed as a person who updates their skills on a daily basis.

  • The Zones for the Best  HANDWRITING

    The Zones for the Best HANDWRITING0

    Firstly practice all the middle zone letters in half the height of two printed lines on a single ruled paper. Then practice upper zone letters alone in almost full height (Without toweling the top printed line). Lastly, separate all the lower zone letters and then practice bringing to half of the below two printed lines.

  • Better Letter Better Life

    Better Letter Better Life0

    Each letter of an alphabet is a steadfast loyal soldier in a great army of words, sentences, paragraphs and stories. One letter falls, and the entire language falters