• Aspiring to become a Bank probationary officer?

    Aspiring to become a Bank probationary officer?0

    Probationary Officer is in the direct contact of their subordinates as well as their prospective customers. They are the ones who have to make a balance between the perfect services provided to their customers as well as the well-being of their employees. From the British era bank officers, in fact bank employees are held in

  • Aspiring to become an animator?

    Aspiring to become an animator?0

    Animator is a computer graphics professional responsible in making of movies, video games or cartoons by moving thousand of immaculately prepared drawings or models of animals or People with the help of computers or other electronic means. The word Animator may sound a little lesser known to a common person but if we take the

  • Aspiring to become an IFS officer?

    Aspiring to become an IFS officer?0

    An IFS officer is largely independent of district administration and exercises administrative, judicial
    and financial powers in their own domain. All top positions in state forest department are held by IFS